Welcome to Verve Themes Support Forums.

Here you will find all the theme related help and support guidance from Verve Theme Support and other members of the forum. Please submit a support request and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Do note that we have also provided a documentation manual with every theme. Refer to it to see if it already has a solution to your problem.

Support policy & Customization requests

We do not offer customizations to our themes, free or paid. Verve Themes Support is limited to provide general guidance and bug fixing only. You can, however, list your idea to our forums and we might consider adding it to the future updates to the theme.


We are based in India (GMT +5:30), so our support team handle their desks from 05:00 to 13:00 GMT Monday to Friday. We also take occasional leaves regarding which we put a notification here beforehand.